• Our mission is to bring super abilities to people by enabling machines to understand local surroundings

We believe in an augmented future

Today there are more cameras in the world than pairs of eyes. These cameras provide the much needed visual intelligence for devices ranging from smartphones, wearable, drones, cars for applications ranging from Augmented Reality to Robotics. At Sturfee, we are building the core spatial intelligence technology that would enable these devices to accurately understand its local surroundings.

Sturfee was started with the idea of “can we learn about local spaces at country-scale using cameras in the sky to deliver spatial intelligence to cameras anywhere on the ground”. Dr. Anil Cheriyadat, CEO, founded Sturfee Inc. in 2015 after several years of scientific work at the U.S. Department of Energy operated Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Dr. Harini Sridharan, CTO, is the co-founder at Sturfee bringing a unique perspective on applying computer vision principles for city-scale satellite image analysis.

Today our team has grown quite a bit, and together we have diverse skills ranging from large-scale GPU programming, perception engineering, remote sensing, deep learning, satellite image processing, big data, and augmented reality. Previously we worked for companies and agencies including Google, Niantic Labs, Intel, Picarro, Wipro, Siemens, ORNL, NGA, The Gates Foundation, NASA, and NOAA.