Creating AR cities from the skies

We take a different perspective to enabling world-scale AR

1. High Resolution Satellite View

Satellite imaging lets us analyze and organize ground data (trees, roads, and building geometries) from the sky and build a 3D mesh of the city.

2. City-scale Visual Fingerprint Map

Every location is converted into a visual fingerprint using the ground data we analyzed from satellite imagery, transforming the city into a machine-readable fingerprint map.

3. Computer Vision 3D Recognition

Our computer vision algorithms instantly extract visual fingerprints from the user’s ground camera and match against our fingerprint map to determine the user’s exact location and project the 3D mesh for AR apps.

4. Welcome to the AR city

The rest is up to your imagination. VPS turns the entire city into your AR canvas for work and play. Check out our YouTube channel for latest demos.

Simple SDK to connect to VPS cloud service

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Any Uncertainties? Here are our most commonly asked questions

In the United States, VPS is currently available in San Francisco, NYC (Manhattan), San Jose, Los Angeles and several other major cities. Internationally we have coverage in Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, and Dubai.

It takes about 3 seconds on a 4G network for the device to get a localization response from our VPS server. We are working to bring this down to 1 second.

Since our technology is based on satellite imagery, we are currently optimized for the outdoors.

Yes! Let us know here where you want VPS coverage for and what you want to build with it.

There are certainly non-AR use cases that we are exploring. If you are working on such applications and can use VPS as a scalable way to deliver spatial intelligence outdoors, we’d love to chat.