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World-Scale Features

Supercharge your AR experiences

StreetAR Cloud harnesses the power of satellite imaging and computer vision to make your AR apps ‘spatially intelligent’, fully exploiting the potential of its surroundings

Instant Localization

Quickly localize the user's camera in the real world.

Geometry Detection

Detect surfaces and structures in outdoor environments.

Persistent World Anchors

Design content with real world coordinate space in mind.


Bring the true multi-user AR experiences that your users want


Build your own components to override default behaviors.


Works for Unity build targets like Android and iOS.

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Our SDK comes in three levels

See our levels breakdown to determine which one's right for you.

Level 1: Instant localization and multi-user persistence

Instantly localize users and multiple people can access the same persistent objects in the world.

Level 2: Terrain detection

Sense ground terrain characteristics. Digital objects can interact with the environment.

Level 3: Buildings and Street Data (closed beta)

Detect permanent structures in the world. Link geolocation data to structures (ex: restaurant reviews).

Covering 10 US cities with AR

We’re working hard to offer complete national coverage by the end of 2018

Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New York
San Francisco
Washington DC

StreetAR Cloud SDK for Unity

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