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Today there are more cameras in the world than pairs of eyes. These cameras allow smartphones, wearable, drones, cars to “see” and is the building block for Augmented Reality and Robotics. At Sturfee, we are creating the core spatial intelligence technology that would enable these devices to accurately understand its local surroundings.

Dr. Anil Cheriyadat, CEO, founded Sturfee Inc. in 2015 after years of scientific work at the U.S. Department of Energy operated Oak Ridge National Laboratory with the idea of “using cameras in the sky to deliver spatial intelligence to cameras anywhere on the ground”. Dr. Harini Sridharan, CTO and co-founder, is a powerhouse at applying computer vision principles for city-scale satellite image analysis.

Today our team has grown quite a bit, and together we have diverse skills ranging from large-scale GPU programming, perception engineering, remote sensing, deep learning, satellite image processing, big data, and augmented reality. Previously we worked for companies and agencies including Google, Niantic Labs, Intel, Amazon, Wipro, Siemens, ORNL, NGA, The Gates Foundation, NASA, and NOAA.

We are always looking for similarly talented and ambitious individuals. If you have a background in computer vision, machine learning, backend server development, GIS, and Unity or mobile development - we’d love to meet you!

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“Sturfee’s approach is unique because it’s using data from Satellites, along with computer vision, to create and anchor this invisible mesh to any place on the globe.”

“Sturfee can work with social networks, entertainment apps, navigation tools, advertising, tour guides, or other more personalized experiences.”

KDDI | Strategic partnership with Sturfee | unique VPS technology
(Japan's largest wireless provider with 57M users)

“As we move toward the 5G era and address spatial computing, we will create a new communication scene and with Sturfee we will build a variety of new experiences that will thrill our customers.”